Escaping the Irish weather? We’ve come up with the ultimate list of holiday essentials to get you off to a flying start.

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Bring your passport, an obvious one really, but how many of us have ran out the door only to realise we left the passport sitting on the hall table in plain sight.

Money, those cocktails won’t pay for themselves 😉

An adapter for all your electrical appliances. Check the country you are travelling to prior to the holiday.

Ensure all toiletries are under 100ml, and in a clear plastic bag. There is nothing worse than getting out of the airport queue to but your toiletries into the bag, or worse, saying goodbye to your expensive shampoo as security take it off you.

Leave enough time to shop in duty free, after all YOU’RE ON YOUR HOLIDAYS!!

A portable charger, nothing worse than your phone dying before you’ve checked in with your glass of wine to make everyone jealous!

Magazine/books/kindle – reading is great for passing the time when sitting around the airport, on the plane, by the pool just about anywhere really.

Sit back and enjoy the trip! ( that’s if you actually remembered to do number 2)

The Airport Hopper team wish you all a wonderful trip and hope to be at your service throughout the year!

Let us know what your holiday essentials are to make the most of your get away.