Dublin Airport’s sustainable programme

We recently wrote on Dublin Airport’s new sustainable programme which consists of installing hydration stations all over the airport and selling recyclable water bottles for 1€ right next to the security checkpoint. Check the article here

Starting today, Dublin Airport will be selling 1€ resealable CanO Water which you can bring with you on the plane. More eco-friendly options, make up for a better planet!



Airport Hopper Now Accepts TFI Leap Card

You can now travel on Airport Hopper thanks to your Leap Card on both routes, Tallaght and Maynooth.

Rates won’t change, and you can check them out Here.

And although Leap cardholders are subject to offline rates/fares you can still book online to get 20% discount.

Finally, we won’t be accepting the Kids Go Free on our service this summer and children are subject to the standard rates.