COVID-19 Update – A Message from our CEO

Dear Airport Hopper Traveller,


We wish to advise you on our Covid-19 awareness policy implemented as of today:


Our passenger community demographic is not in a high-risk group, however we are taking some precautionary measures.

If you have had contact with secondary possible carrier, please do not travel on our services for 12 days even if asymptomatic – we shall of course extend validity of staff passes as required for this period. Please respect your fellow passengers. You can keep updated on the service via social media. We shall post up regular updates about the Hopper service.


Measures we are taking include:

  • Using a high quality anti-bacterial/viral disinfectant ‘Miltons’ on our vehicles.
  • Sterilising all our cleaning cloths daily in bleach.
  • We are not accepting cash on any vehicle until further notice.


Measures we advise our passengers to take:

  • Bring your own hand sanitiser and to use this or wash your hands after every journey.
  • If you have not had the influenza jab this season, it might be worth getting; a weakened immune system is an opening for Covid-19 infection.


Stay Calm. Stay Well. Stay in Touch.




Trish McConn


Autism Awareness Month

Travelling can be a stressful occasion for everyone. Navigating an Airport with a child on the Autism spectrum can pose increased challenges and be daunting. On the Airport Hopper, we want to make your journey as pleasant as possible. Please contact us if there is anything that we can do to make your journey easier

The Dublin Airport Authority have launched the
Important Flyer initiative which can assist travellers with Autism. This pass ( Wristbands or lanyard) will allow Travelers to access assistance at security, passport control or any area where they may encounter queues or crowds. Learn more about this inclusive initiative here .
  • 5 ways to make your trip easier
  • Book Priority Boarding or access the Important Traveller initiative
  • Bring familiar food Toys
  • Explain the process of what’s going to happen ( security, passport control, luggage etc), if possible role play the scenarios so that your child can be prepared.
  • If your child is a ‘wanderer’ include a bracelet with contact information in case you become separated.
  • If possible fly during your children’s standard nap time.

On the Airport Hopper, we want to make your journey as pleasant as possible. Please contact us if there is anything that we can do to make your journey easier.

Tax Saver Ticket

What is it?

Quite simply it’s a great way of saving money for both Employees and Employers! It was introduced by the Revenue Commission as a way of encouraging people to use Public Transport. 

Employees can save up to 40% on their Annual or Monthly Transport Ticket and Employees can save up to 10& in PRSI.

              Good for the Pocket and the Environment too!

Tickets on offer:

Annual Ticket:

Maynooth Route : €2400

Tallaght Route : €2200

Purchasing your ticket via Tax Saver can save you up to €960 on your ticket! Click HERE to see how much you can save with a yearly ticket.


Places Served:

Maynooth Route (Serving Maynooth, Leixlip, Lucan, Liffey Valley and the N4 Footpass at Palmerstown)

Tallaght Route (Serving Tallaght, Clondalkin, Liffey Valley and the N4 Footpass at Palmerstown)

Please note that this is the full price before any tax deductions have been made. The Airport Hopper will issue your Tax Saver ticket on receipt of payment from your employer. 

Your employer recovers the cost of your ticket as salary sacrifice (payroll deduction) and therefore will save on their portion of PRSI. You will receive your discounted ticket as part of a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer.


How do you avail of this great offer?  

Simply Complete the following FORM including a passport size photo

We will issue you with your ticket which must be presented to your driver.

Please note that we must receive payment in full from your employer before we can issue you with your ticket.


Tax Saver Ticket is great for the Pocket and the Environment too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if your ticket is lost or stolen?

A:  Please contact us immediately to advise that you need a replacement ticket, please note an administration fee of €20 will be charged, it will take 5 working days before we

Q: What happens if you leave the company before your ticket expires?

A: Please inform your HR Dept. that you wish to cancel your ticket. Please return your ticket so that we can refund your ticket. As soon as the returned ticket has been received, we will issue a refund for months remaining on the ticket minus a 10% administration fee. We will only refund full months remaining on the ticket. For example, if there are 6 months remaining on the ticket, we will refund 6 months minus an administration fee of 10%. Tickets must be returned and in the possession of the Airport Hopper before any refunds will issue.

Q: Can I purchase the ticket from the Driver or via the Tax Saver website?

A: Unfortunately not, tickets can only be requested by your Employer. As a private operator , tickets can only be purchased via

Q: How much can I expect to save?

A: You can save up to 52% of your ticket.
Click HERE to see how much you can save with a yearly ticket.





St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day Parade

Happy St. Patrick’s to all of the Airport Hopper Fans!  It is an incredible achievement for such a small country to have such a  huge global impact and parades and events will take place all of the world.  As always, the local parades are the highlights of St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

To facilitate the parades  & Traffic Management Plans, we  are unable to service the following stops on the 17th of March.

Maynooth Airport Hopper Service:

  • Tesco Extra Maynooth between 10:45 and 14:00
  • Main Street Leixlip between 12:30 and 15:00
  • Circle K Main Street Lucan & Chalet Gardens between 12:30 and 18:00

Tallaght Airport Hopper Service:

  • Mill Centre Clondalkin between 13:00 and 17:00

St Patricks Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Local Parades:

The Airport Hopper Team are proud supporters of our local community. If you are staying at home for St. Patrick’s Day ? Be sure to check out your local parades.

Tallaght St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

Parade starts at the college gates, turn left down the Old Blessington Road, turn left at The Dragon, continue down Main St, turn left onto the Greenhills Rd & finally turn left back into the college grounds. The parade starts at 1.30 pm sharp & should finish by 2.30 pm. Road closures will be in operation from 12.30 pm to 3 pm approx.

Clondalkin St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

The parade will start at Clondalkin Sport & Leisure Centre, Old Nangor Road at 2.30pm. The route is: Old Nangor Road, Orchard Lane, Main Street, Tower Road. The review stand is Tower Road (Tuthill’s Car Park).

Maynooth: St Greenfield shopping centre, Straffan road to Tesco travelling via Main Street to the Tesco. Road a 10, parade at 11, Road Closures from 10:45  – 1pm :

Leixlip: marching groups will assemble in Scoil Bhride and the vehicles will assemble at the Ryevale Lawns Junction Parade starts at 1, walking down towards the village will pass through the main Street to finish at Mill Lane. Should be complete and roads reopened by 2.30.

Lucan:  The main street in Lucan will be closed from 2pm – 5.30pm on St. Patrick’s Day to facilitate the Parade.


10 Tips on travelling with a Baby or Toddler.

Travelling with a baby_DVC-MAIN

Travelling with a toddler or Baby can be nerve wrecking. The thoughts of being in a confined space with an upset toddler and judgemental fellow passengers is guaranteed to give the most hardened travellers the chills!

The team at ‘Hopper HQ’ have put their heads together to come up with the top 10 tips in making your trip stress free.

  • Leave your expensive ‘Travel System’ at home and invest in a low cost lightweight stroller. Top Tip, Don’t check in the Pram, instead bring it down to the plane where it can be safely stored for you.
  • Make JR comfortable – a travel pillow and blanket are great investments for a Jr. Jetsetter.
  • Unfortunately babies ears pop and the usual tricks that work with adults don’t work on babies ( sucking hard boiled sweets, blowing nose and wiggling jaws to release the pressure). Instead, avoid feeding your baby until take off. The sucking motion should prevent their ears popping. Rookie mistake don’t give it to them too early or they will not drink at the crucial moment. Typically Baby formula is exempt for the 100ml liquid rule, however you can always pick some up in Airside in the Airport. Bring double the amount of Food you think you need, you do not want to be delayed with a hangry child.

Keeping them entertained.

  • If possible avoid bringing toys with small pieces, trust me its better off avoiding a melt down when it falls onto the ground (with no leg room)
  • Normal Screen Hours Limitations does not apply when travelling. Download all of your children’s favourite cartoons. Top tip be kind to your other passengers and don’t put on any volume. Chu Chu TV is baby crack and guaranteed to keep Lil uns amused for a few hours. Ensure all devices are fully charged (and be prepared to purchase an additional battery pack if needed
  • Change your baby just boarding the plane, Airplane toilets are always compact which make changing a wriggling baby challenging. Always ensure that you have nappy and spare change of clothes in your carry on luggage. I won’t elaborate on this one but … it’s a mistake that you don’t make twice. (yes I am still scared by that adventure)

Feel the Fear and do it anyway.

  • Leave extra time … A lot of extra time as everything with a Baby takes 100% Longer than anticipated.
  • If your baby has a different  Surname, it’s always advisable to bring a scanned copy of the birthcert.
  • Don’t panic, remember we have all been there 🙂
  • Remember Children under 3 travel free on the Airport Hopper. Our friendly drivers will be happy to help you put your luggage and pram on board.

Follow the above tips on travelling with a baby for a stress free holiday!


Stress Free Air Travel

sTop 10 Tips on Stress Free Travel

Top 10 Tips on  stress free Air Travel

  • Leave enough time to get to the Airport! It sounds obvious but leave an extra hour travelling to the Airport, if you arrive early grab a coffee or do some damage in the Duty Free! While our Drivers do their very best to remain on schedule we are impacted by the traffic around us! If Met Eireann are predicting bad weather leave extra time (same theory applies to Friday afternoons and Christmas in general!)
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to travel in. Airplane Cabins can get very cool so wear Layers that can be easily removed when needed. Similarly, avoid outer layers that are cumbersome to remove. Avoid giving other passengers air rage and take off your shoes and belts before going to the security Luggage area!
  • Screenshot your boarding passes and send to your travelling companion – this ensures that you aren’t dependent on the Airport Wifi when accessing the Airline App. Actually, to be sure to be sure… print out your boarding pass.


Ryanair Luggage requirements - take the stress out of travelling

  • After years of searching in a panic in my large bag, I now have a small cross the shoulder bag in which I keep my passport, wallet, boarding pass, phone & Headphones. Simple but effective.
  • Ryanair have recently changed their luggage policy, Avoid expensive fees at the airport by ensuring that your hand luggage meets their requirements.
  • Pre-pack your liquids in plastic bags – you don’t want to have to hand up your expensive moisturiser. Stock up on them on your next trip!
  • Take a photo of your suitcase .. Random? In the unlikely event that your bag goes missing a photo of your luggage will help to identify it from all of the other black cases. Alternatively go retro …my mother always puts a ribbon on the handle to help identify it.

Chilling out

Chill out and take the stress out of travelling

  • Charge your phone or tablet to the max and catch up on some Netflix / Games on your travels. Better still bring a portable charging device.
  • While everyone queues excitedly to get on the plane, sit back and watch the queue dissipate before strolling casually onto the plane.
  • Last but not least, before leaving the Airport Hopper, the Airport Lounge or the plane double check that you have all of your belongings with you!! Don’t start your holiday leaving your important documents behind!

Follow the above 10 Tips for Stress Free Air Travel