Free Interrail Tickets

For many people going travelling after the Leaving Certificate is a rite of passage.  This week heralds some important news that will allow younger people to pack their cases and travel  FREE throughout Europe for 1 month. The EU agrees with us and have announced an extension to their DiscoverEU Scheme.

As part of a the this Scheme,  Irish people aged 18 can apply for 12,000 free interrailling tickets! With the  Free Interrail Pass you can travel by train to 30 European Countries and up to 40,000 destinations. Save Money on accommodation by travelling by night. Travel includes Trains, Buses, Ferries and even Eurostar from London, Paris, Amsterdam.  Successful candidates must be able to travel between 15 April and 31 October 2019. The Pass for an incredible European adventure is available for travel up to 1 month.  Groups of friends can apply for a Pass together.  Last year when this scheme was run 1 in 10 applicants were successful. I would fancy my chances with this odds.   Online applications for free interrail tickets  are open here.  Anyone else wish that they were 18 again. I know I do.

Don’t forget first step on any incredible travel adventure is on the Airport Hopper!

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on our business and our industry, our Airport Hopper services will continue to be temporarily suspended until 2022. After a full review, we regret that we have made this decision as it will not be financially viable to deliver a service in the current climate. While it is great to see restrictions lifting and capacity on transport returning to 100%, we currently lack the supports and grants to restart our services. We will be back running our services in the New Year and we thank you for your understanding at this time and really appreciate the support and messages from all our regular customers.