This is maybe the first good meal on board a flight

Every time we take the plane, we know that the meals offered are not the best we evereat. But of course, when you are hungry, you will eat it no matter what it looks like, am I right?

However, life just got better as it seems that Jet2 now offering Nando’s on board, and it looks great.

Two dishes are available:

The first is called a Nando’s Box, which includes pitta bread chips, hummus and Peri-Peri drizzle.

The second is called half-popped corn, which is described as “a mild and delicious snacking option where fluffy popcorn meets crunchy corn”.

Only issue is that Jet2 doesn’t fly from Dublin atthe moment. But it does from Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle.



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