Nando's on board

Everytime we take the plane, we know that the meals offered are not the best we never eat. But of course, when you are hungry, you will eat it no matter what it looks like.
However, it seems that Jet2 now offering Nando’s on board, and without lying the meal looks great.
Two dishes are available:
The first is called a Nando’s Box, which includes pitta bread chips, hummus and Peri-Peri drizzle.
The second is called half-popped corn, which is described as “a mild and delicious snacking option where fluffy popcorn meets crunchy corn”.
Only issue is that Jet2 doesn’t fly from Dublin for the moment. But it does from Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on our business and our industry, our Airport Hopper services will continue to be temporarily suspended until 2022. After a full review, we regret that we have made this decision as it will not be financially viable to deliver a service in the current climate. While it is great to see restrictions lifting and capacity on transport returning to 100%, we currently lack the supports and grants to restart our services. We will be back running our services in the New Year and we thank you for your understanding at this time and really appreciate the support and messages from all our regular customers.