Air Travel has never been cheaper. Embrace your Wanderlust and explore the world. Time to seize the day and knock a few more amazing locations off your travel bucket-list. As the proverb says … “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”  Check out some relatively low cost ideas off the beaten track from Dublin.


Everyone should witness Venice Carnival once in your life. Dust of your vintage masks & cloaks as party atmosphere will be electric for the 2 weeks of the carnival. A trip to Venice would not be complete without a ride on a gondola but for your own sakes don’t ask to hear ‘ O Sole mio’ as its not from Venice and they are likely to grind their teeth! After the Carnival see for yourself why Venice is consistently voted the most romantic city in the world.  ps top tip, always check the prices in the tourist areas. Lounge like a local and Sip an espresso at the bar!


Dubrovnik is the pearl of the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful Tourism destinations in the Mediterranean. This Port city is steeped in history and its known as the only city to become part of the Napoleonic empire without a single shot fired. Dubrovnik boosts picture perfect aqua marine water which is perfect for dip. Eagle Eagle Eyed fans of the Game of Thrones will recognize Dubrovnik is the setting for the Kings Land.

A bit further afield …

Camino de Santiago

Are itching to take on the Camino after seeing the Way?  Camino de Santiago is 800kms long and takes approximately five weeks to complete.You do not have to be an elite athlete & can start your Camino at any point on the starting in France, Portugal and Spain. A popular option is to fly from Dublin to Biarritz & then bus it to St. Jean de Pied ( 52KM) to start the incredible voyage of discovery.  Don’t forget comfortable well worn hiking boots! Buen Camino my friends

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