Ryanair Baggage Allowance

While the Airport Hopper  has ample room for your luggage,  baggage allowance varies from Airline to Airline. RyanAir have recently updated their Allowances . From November 1st customers who  pay for Priority Boarding can take 1 Wheeled Case and also a small bag. This will cost you €6 if you purchase it at the time of booking or alternatively €8 if you upgrade after your booking. If you do not  upgrade to Priority Boarding  you can only take a Small  Bag. Thankfully they have increased the size of the small bag by 40%.  Remember it must fit into the 40cm * 20cm* 25cm ‘Sizer’. If it doesn’t fit into their  Cabin Bag Sizer, you will have to pay to put it in the hold which will cost you €25 and ruin the start of your holiday.

Alternatively you can add a 10kg bag to your booking.  This will cost you €8 if you purchase it at the time of booking or  €10 if you  upgrade after your initial Booking. You will have to drop this bag off at the  Bag Drop Desk. The upside of this is that you can bring liquids on board.  This will cut down on the ‘Luggage Jenga’ where you try and fit all of your luggage in the over head cabins ( and squash your package of  Tayto in the process )! Ryanair have assured us that while it will costs us more, it should reduce delays.

An infant ticket will cost you  a flat fee of €20 per flight. While they will not have their own seat, you can bring a small 5kg Baby Bag on board. At the Airport Hopper you are always permitted to bring 1 small bag and suitcase on board. In the event that you have multiple bags or oversize sports equipment, please contact our Operations team who will be  happy to assist you.