sTop 10 Tips on Stress Free Travel

Top 10 Tips on  stress free Air Travel

  • Leave enough time to get to the Airport! It sounds obvious but leave an extra hour travelling to the Airport, if you arrive early grab a coffee or do some damage in the Duty Free! While our Drivers do their very best to remain on schedule we are impacted by the traffic around us! If Met Eireann are predicting bad weather leave extra time (same theory applies to Friday afternoons and Christmas in general!)
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to travel in. Airplane Cabins can get very cool so wear Layers that can be easily removed when needed. Similarly, avoid outer layers that are cumbersome to remove. Avoid giving other passengers air rage and take off your shoes and belts before going to the security Luggage area!
  • Screenshot your boarding passes and send to your travelling companion – this ensures that you aren’t dependent on the Airport Wifi when accessing the Airline App. Actually, to be sure to be sure… print out your boarding pass.


Ryanair Luggage requirements - take the stress out of travelling

  • After years of searching in a panic in my large bag, I now have a small cross the shoulder bag in which I keep my passport, wallet, boarding pass, phone & Headphones. Simple but effective.
  • Ryanair have recently changed their luggage policy, Avoid expensive fees at the airport by ensuring that your hand luggage meets their requirements.
  • Pre-pack your liquids in plastic bags – you don’t want to have to hand up your expensive moisturiser. Stock up on them on your next trip!
  • Take a photo of your suitcase .. Random? In the unlikely event that your bag goes missing a photo of your luggage will help to identify it from all of the other black cases. Alternatively go retro …my mother always puts a ribbon on the handle to help identify it.

Chilling out

Chill out and take the stress out of travelling

  • Charge your phone or tablet to the max and catch up on some Netflix / Games on your travels. Better still bring a portable charging device.
  • While everyone queues excitedly to get on the plane, sit back and watch the queue dissipate before strolling casually onto the plane.
  • Last but not least, before leaving the Airport Hopper, the Airport Lounge or the plane double check that you have all of your belongings with you!! Don’t start your holiday leaving your important documents behind!

Follow the above 10 Tips for Stress Free Air Travel