Fancy moving to America on a 2 year visa?  The US House of Representatives may be giving you an early Christmas Present! They have just passed a bill that will allow Irish people to apply for a two year renewable Visa. Currently the E-3 Work Visa is available for Australian Nationals only. However, our antipodean cousins have underutilized their allotment. The New Bill will allow Irish People to apply for the remainder of unused E-3 Visas. Don’t get too excited though, candidates must meet criteria including working in a speciality occupation and have an offer of employment to apply for this Visa.

Special Occupations include:

  • IT Jobs such as analysts, programmers, etc.
  • Business manager
  • Healthcare and medical practitioners
  • Educational specialists such as teachers, consultants, and managers
  • Researchers

Another factor to consider is that while spouses of  E-3  Visa Recipients can work in America, their children are not permitted to work under this scheme. This scheme represents a certain quid – pro- qu0. It will open up our Visa requirements to admire Americans who like to retire to Ireland.

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