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Frequently Asked Questions

Airport Hopper Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find the Airport Hopper bus at Dublin Airport?

A:  The Airport Hopper bus picks-up and sets-down in the Coach Park (Zone) 16 at Dublin Airport.  You will find a map to the Coach Park on the Home page of this website.


Q: What Is The Airport Hopper Operating Schedule?

A: Timetables posted on our website are current timetables and operate all year round. Airport Hopper services operate as normal, per the timetables posted on our website on Bank Holidays.


Q: Can I show the driver my online booking confirmation on my mobile phone?

A: Yes. Airport Hopper online bookings can be presented via mobile phone, tablet and other handheld devices.


Q: Having trouble viewing the Airport Hopper Screen?

A: This can happen  if you do not have Auto rotate enabled on your phone. To  remedy this issue, simply update Settings  go to Display, then Advanced and enable Auto-rotate screen


Q: If I book my ticket online and my flight time changes, can I use my online booking to travel at a different time on the Airport Hopper service?

A: Yes you can.


Q: Am I required to book my ticket online?

A: You can book your ticket online, purchase your ticket with cash from the driver on the bus or use your Leap Card ( Standard Leap Card only)  as we accept them on every Airport Hopper bus.

Please note we do not accept any banknotes larger than €50. As the driver does not have the ability to provide change for such an amount.


Q: How long is my return ticket valid for?

A: Airport Hopper return tickets are valid for 30 days.


Q: Can I pay by credit card on the bus

A: No. We do not accept credit card or debit visa payments on the bus.


Q: If I am a foreign student is my student card valid on the Airport Hopper service?

A: Yes but you MUST present you student card when you are getting on the Airport Hopper bus.


Q: How long does it take to travel from Tallaght to Dublin Airport?

A: Approximately 40-45 minutes depending on traffic.


Q: How long does it take to travel from Maynooth to Dublin Airport?

A: Approximately 45-50  minutes depending on traffic.


Q: How much luggage can I bring on the Airport Hopper service?

A: We ask that luggage be kept to a minimum e.g.  1 suitcase + 1 piece of small hand luggage per

person. In the event that you may wish to transport more than the permitted amount of luggage

(outline above) please email to establish if the excess luggage can be

Accommodated on the service you are travelling on.


Q: How do I recognise Airport Hopper bus stops?

A: All Airport Hopper bus stops have red head plates on top of the bus stop poles and the head

plates features the ‘Airport Hopper by Dualway’ logo.


Q: Do Airport Hopper provide baby/child seats?

A: No as baby/child seats are not compatible with motor coach seats. Infants and small children

typically sit on their parents laps. However not allowed to share the seat belts fitted to the vehicle’s seats due to more damage caused in case of an accident.


Q: Can Infants travel free on the Airport Hopper?

A: Children under the age of 3 travel FREE on the Airport Hopper Service.


Q: Does the Airport Hopper accept the TFI Leap Card?

A: Yes. However, the Airport Hopper only accepts standard TFI Leap Cards.
Please note, Visitor Leap Cards (such as the 24, 48 and 72 hours) are not valid on any Airport Hopper service. At present Leap Cards may only be used to pay for 1 Ticket i.e you can not use them to pay for a Companions or Child Ticket.