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Travelling with a toddler or Baby can be nerve wrecking. The thoughts of being in a confined space with an upset toddler and judgemental fellow passengers is guaranteed to give the most hardened travellers the chills!

The team at ‘Hopper HQ’ have put their heads together to come up with the top 10 tips in making your trip stress free.

  • Leave your expensive ‘Travel System’ at home and invest in a low cost lightweight stroller. Top Tip, Don’t check in the Pram, instead bring it down to the plane where it can be safely stored for you.
  • Make JR comfortable – a travel pillow and blanket are great investments for a Jr. Jetsetter.
  • Unfortunately babies ears pop and the usual tricks that work with adults don’t work on babies ( sucking hard boiled sweets, blowing nose and wiggling jaws to release the pressure). Instead, avoid feeding your baby until take off. The sucking motion should prevent their ears popping. Rookie mistake don’t give it to them too early or they will not drink at the crucial moment. Typically Baby formula is exempt for the 100ml liquid rule, however you can always pick some up in Airside in the Airport. Bring double the amount of Food you think you need, you do not want to be delayed with a hangry child.

Keeping them entertained.

  • If possible avoid bringing toys with small pieces, trust me its better off avoiding a melt down when it falls onto the ground (with no leg room)
  • Normal Screen Hours Limitations does not apply when travelling. Download all of your children’s favourite cartoons. Top tip be kind to your other passengers and don’t put on any volume. Chu Chu TV is baby crack and guaranteed to keep Lil uns amused for a few hours. Ensure all devices are fully charged (and be prepared to purchase an additional battery pack if needed
  • Change your baby just boarding the plane, Airplane toilets are always compact which make changing a wriggling baby challenging. Always ensure that you have nappy and spare change of clothes in your carry on luggage. I won’t elaborate on this one but … it’s a mistake that you don’t make twice. (yes I am still scared by that adventure)

Feel the Fear and do it anyway.

  • Leave extra time … A lot of extra time as everything with a Baby takes 100% Longer than anticipated.
  • If your baby has a different  Surname, it’s always advisable to bring a scanned copy of the birthcert.
  • Don’t panic, remember we have all been there 🙂
  • Remember Children under 3 travel free on the Airport Hopper. Our friendly drivers will be happy to help you put your luggage and pram on board.

Follow the above tips on travelling with a baby for a stress free holiday!